Cherish these rivers……

The media have suddenly woken up to the plight of the rivers, and particularly the vulnerability of the Chalkstreams; other than a few in Normandy, the UK have the only Chalkstreams in the world, which makes them a unique but very fragile resource.  This article appeared in The Independent last week, – its worth reading, but be warned, it will make you very sad, and probably concern you about the future viability of where you fish.–they-may-soon-flow-no-more-6943229.html

 Abstraction levels are still primarily the culprit, but so are we as a society, from car washes, running taps whilst we clean our teeth,  an article in the news recently stated that women waste 50 billion litres of water just shaving their legs !  BBC Radio 4, Farming Today this week featured Dr Keith Weatherhead of Cranfield University, he’s an authority on agriculture and water management, he quoted that agriculture only used little over 1% of public water, so where does the rest go ?  Maybe we should begin to rout out the profligate commercial and industrial users,   but begin with ourselves – if we don’t set an example, and begin the thin end of the wedge, then who will, – I for one will clean my mirrors and headlights, I’ll arrive at my fishing in a dirty car, I’ll even try to bath and shower with a friend….knowing my luck, the friend will have four legs and a tail. 


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