Fly Fishing Art

This picture,  by Chris Turnbull the English artist of many fish and fishing picturesbrings out a confusing mix of reactions in me,  I don’t know whether to rise to snatch the fly, or go snatch the rod and go fishing, but it sums up exactly what we are imagining when our fly first lands on the water – and he’s not a fisherman !

In the USA, Fly Fishing and Duck Shooting sports have so many aficionados that they are actually a powerful political lobby; each year, thorughout the whole USA professionals and amateurs, members of art groups vie with each other and submit thousands of pictures to the US Postal Service, the chosen pictures are then depicted on a range of pictorial postage stamps.     

Here in the UK we have a number of notable wildlife artists,  but their work isn’t as widely recognised by the fly fishing community, and yet some of their exquisitely realistic portrayal of trout, salmon and fly fishing are so evocative they bring out the acquisitive side of my nature, and I desperately want to own many of the pictures I discover, but, its a toss up between available finances and my wifes steel grip on domestic decor that prevent me going any further than maybe a few prints.  I keep them in a folder, in readiness for the day that they can go on the walls of my purpose built fly tying room, overlooking my own piece of trout stream……ah well we can all dream.  Its now only eleven days to go before my fishing season opens.  Have a look at some of the art on these websites, there’s some superb pictures.

More coming shortly


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