River Wylye – Stoford Bridge

Stoford Bridge is about mid way on the River Wylye, – it commences up in the Deverills, and meanders through Wiltshire until it joins up with the River Nadder and Avon in Wilton and Salisbury.

Apologies for my absence, I’ve had a bit of a disaster, an enforced short break in Budapest and on my return there were a few days when the weather wasn’t conducive to fishing at all.  I’m also quite cross with myself.   I’d planned an informative and illustrated fishing update. Buoyed by my relative photographic success with my cheap £15 Ebay camera, I decided to invest in another one, but with more complex acronyms and extra fiddly bits, and waterproof – essential to avoid a similar demise to the £15 camera.  Ninety quid and a week later I’m off fishing with it in my vest pocket.

There are a number of reaches downstream of Stoford Bridge right into the village of Wilton, and the one I chose had a good level of water, which I noticed had cleared in comparison with the previous weeks, the level had dropped, and so I was full of confidence.  For the first hour and half I flogged away with LDO and Deer Hair Emergers under the trees  but not a touch.

The river narrowing work has caused a couple of deep pools to scour out, and here I changed to a nymph.  The usual Tungsten bead headed GRHE.  (where would my season be without it).   In the next two hours I took trout of 14″, 12″ and two at 11″ – as well as a myriad of various sized grayling, one a superb fish of 15″, as well as an always welcome number of smaller trout, less than 8″ – ‘fingerlings’. 

 The fast currents caused by the narrowing made them feel much heavier and presented a much higher risk of losing them particularly the grayling once they turned in the current and raised that sail of a dorsal fin.

The riverkeeper has several fly boards in the river, so I turned them over and took some macro pictures of the nymphs in different stages. 

On return home, I excitedly put the camera chip in the computer, made and labelled a folder.   I was overjoyed with the results.   Transferred them to the picture folder on the computer, and then CLEARED THE CHIP ! ! I knew as I pressed the button that I hadn’t checked the new Fujifilm Finepix software that had somehow taken over my picture mangagement – but the folder name was there on the left hand side of the screen  – and guess what, ? – another couple of lessons learned – DO NOT CLEAR THE CAMERA CHIP UNTIL YOU’VE CHECKED YOU’VE PROPERLY SAVED THE PICTURES.  In a right stew with myself, I immediately wiped out the Fujifilm picture viewer software, and in an instant I also erased the fly tying sequence I’d done two days earlier – I’m back using the embedded Microsoft picture management, I’m not risking it with any other branded system. 

All the pictures in this blog are as a result of my revisiting the same reach a couple of days later and trying to replicate the pictures, I couldn’t replicate the catch, and the nymph pictures from the flyboards aren’t as good as the original ones I wiped out.  I will post again later this evening, depending on when I get back from fishing.   I have some postings ready to go so keep checking in.


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